Teen Ensemble

Join our multi-parish teen ensemble!

Do you like to sing? Do you play an instrument? If yes, consider joining our Teen Ensemble! 

Our Teen Ensemble is a multi-parish opportunity for teens across the four parishes that participate in UCYM to travel to each other's parish and serve in the liturgy led by teens each month. 

Liturgy Schedule** (September-June):

1st Sunday: St. Joan of Arc Parish

2nd Sunday: St. Mary Parish

3rd Sunday: St. Nicholas Parish*

4th Sunday: St. Athanasius Parish

*Bilingual (Spanish-English)

**Subject to change: calendar

Contact Your Parish Music Director!

Contact your parish music director to learn more about getting involved with music in our liturgies!

St. Athanasius Parish

Emma Tumminello:

Chris Skrable:

St. Mary Parish

Dianne Fox: dfox@stmaryevanston.og    

St. Nicholas Parish

Ace Gangoso: