About the Leader-in-Training Program

The Leader-in-Training (LIT) Program is the first year of formation for teens who are interested in becoming leaders in pastoral ministry. This program is open to any teen from any of our Evanston & Skokie grouping parishes. Teens who are enrolled in the LIT Program commit to a year of formation through service, prayer, worship, catechesis, and community building. The LITs are paired with an adult mentor who will accompany them through their year of formation and who can be help them by being a role model in faith. 

The LITs are commissioned and their commitment is made in front of their community that they will take becoming missionary disciples seriously. 

2019-2020 Leaders-in-Training

Adela Bautista 

Aedan Croft 

Robert D'Almeida

Emmanuel Guijosa

Shane Koehler-Davis

Rhianna McKean

Cecilia Medina

Jasmyne Montoya

Annabel Rush 

2017-18 LITs: Carmelita Armenta, Nathan Beale-DelVecchio, Jeffrey Garcia, Emilio Leon, Liza Moreno, Oliver Pacheco, Francisco "Pancho" Patiño, Mateo Perez, Audrey Pride, Alex Roman

2018-19 LITs: Harry Castro, Rebeca Castro, Isabella De La Torre, Enzo Gomez, Edgar Guijosa, Hector Montoya, Erandeni Navarrete,  Alize Ramirez

Interested in being an LIT Mentor?

LIT Mentors are young/adults who commit to accompanying an LIT through their year of formation. Check the OPPORTUNITIES page for mentor openings!

LIT Mentors:

Sam Carlson, Sarah Cross, Katie Dorner, Marion Flynn, Dave Holmes, Cynthia Judge, Ben Landau, Maria Maldonado, Andrea Martinez, Bill McCarthy, Marina Porter, Sol Robledo, Miguel Ruiz, Emily Saperstein, Michael Sneed, James Sulton

BOLD = Current Mentor


LIT Program Leadership:

Tracey Dinh:

James Holzhauer-Chuckas: 

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