Parish Pastors

Our Priests (from left to right):

Rev. Joseph Tito, St. Nicholas Parish

Rev. Hernan Cuevas, St. Athanasius Parish

Rev. Kevin McCray, St. Mary Parish

Not pictured: Rev. Kenneth Anderson, St. Joan of Arc Parish

Regional Director


James Andrew Holzhauer-Chuckas, ObSB

The Regional Director of Youth Ministry & Pastoral Juvenil Hispana is a pastoral staff member of each participating parish and is the person responsible for Youth Ministries and Pastoral Juvenil Hispana. The Director is tasked with:

  • Being a visible presence in each parish
  • Providing resources and research on: Youth Ministry and Pastoral Juvenil Hispana
  • Pastorally leading volunteers and YYAM staff
  • Mentoring parish youth and their leaders
  • Coordinating teen liturgies with parish staff
  • Facilitating boards and councils 
  • Coordinating communication and outreach
  • Managing social media 
  • Coordinating  child protection compliance for YYAM volunteers
  • Providing financial management for Youth Ministry
  • Maintaining records and other administrative duties
  • Act as liaison for Youth Ministry in Evanston & Skokie to the Archdiocese of Chicago

Auxiliary UCYM Staff

Sam Carlson, Coordinator of Young Adult Life for St. Nicholas Parish

Adult Support & Youth Formation Board

The Adult Support & Youth Formation Board (Youth Board) is a collaborative board that advises the Regional Director of Youth Ministry and Pastors on big picture matter that pertain to Youth Ministry. The board meets to advise on programs and evaluate the effectiveness of Youth Ministry in the parishes and the grouping.  Youth Board meets twice a year. The Youth Board has three active committees that support Youth Ministry work: Core Team, Consejo de Padres, and Youth Council. 

Board Leadership

Annie Guter, Chair

Andrea Martinez, Vice-Chair

Oliver Pacheco, President of Youth Council

Board Members

Carmelita Armenta - Teen

Jacqueline Beale-DelVecchio

Peter Beale-DelVecchio

Nora Bondi

Ruth Chojnacki

Jeffrey Garcia

Celia Garay

Cynthia Judge

Karen Koehler-Davis

Ben Landau

Kristin Lion-Koenig

Alejandro Lorenzo

Shawn Lucas

Alejandra Lule-Rivera

Julie Lynk

Bill McCarthy

Madison McGuire - Teen

Jason McKean

Arturo Medina

Daniela Menichella

Blanca Merriam

Yoloxochitl Meza

Armando Navarrete, Sr.

Edwin Navarrete - Teen

Graciela "Chela" Ocon

Evelyn Ramirez

Guillermina Ramirez

Sol Robledo

Valerie Romano

Kathleen Ruppert

Yadira Soto

Juanita Tamayo

Edgar Vega