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NEW Youth Board Chair!

We want to say thank  you to Blanca Duarte Merriam for accepting the role of Chair of the Adult Support & Youth Formation Board. We look forward to seeing Blanca's energy and passion advance the mission of UCYM in our parishes, schools and beyond! 

 The Adult Support & Youth Formation Board (Youth Board) is a multi-parish board that has authority in advising and setting strategic goals for the Ministry Team. The board meets to discuss and evaluate the effectiveness of UCYM in the parishes, parish grouping, and wider community.  The Youth Board has four active committees that support its mission: Ministry Team, Consejo Hispano, Youth Council, and Young Adult Council.  

Blanca will lead the board's efforts with the Ministry Team. Blanca can be reached at


To Transgender Catholics:

 “You belong to the heart of this church. There is nothing that you may do, may say, that will rip you from the heart of this church. There is a lot that has been said to you, about you, behind your back that is painful and is sinful. I mentioned my conversation with Fortunate Families. We have to find a way to talk to one another, and to talk to one another not just from one perspective, but to talk and to listen to one another. I think that’s the way that Jesus ministered. He engaged people, he took them where they were at, and he invited them to go deeper, closer to God. If you’re asking me where do you fit, you fit in the family.” -Archbishop Wilton Gregory, Archbishop of Washington D.C. at Archdiocese of Washington Theology on Tap

United Catholic Youth Ministries echoes the message of Archbishop Gregory to all transgender Catholics, especially young people. You belong. 

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